Which air duct equipment you can rent with us

Over the years, we have managed to expand our business, apart from our services, clients now have the opportunity to rent an air duct equipment. It is one of the safest ways to inspect your home, without demolishing air ducts. Here’s what we can offer you:

Inspection robot


As the name states, inspection robot is one handy tool. It comes equipped with two cameras and 14” screen, and it is controlled by a joystick. This robot can make a video, and with the help of one halogen lamp, it can adjust the intensity of light. This robot is so great because it has a nozzle so that it can perform a light cleaning in your air ducts. The small size allows it to go freely through air ducts. At any moment, you will now their condition and the necessary steps you need to take, to make them functional again.

Multipurpose Robot

What sets this robot apart from other, it’s a great ability to clean. It is also controlled remotely, by joystick, it has two cameras and three halogen lamps. With this robot, you will have a great sense of direction, especially when you have to look at ducts from different angles. The strong motor gives this robot powerful cleaning abilities. It carries a hose, which can suck large amounts of dust. You have the ability to position a hose and brushes based on your needs. It will save your time and money.

Intelligent air nozzle

This device has a built-in camera with uses infra-red light and 20 meters of hose. It is a great tool to clean your air ducts. Some people consider it less effective compared to the bushes, but we can only tell you don’t make that mistake. This intelligent air nozzle is an innovative technology; it can easily go through air ducts, allowing you to see all the spots infected with dust. It will ensure you reliable work and clean all the corners and spots. The nozzle can go straight up to pipes, and the compressor will draw all the dust.