Everything you need to know about Duct Cleaning

The function of air ducts is highly important. The air that goes from cooling and heating system circulate to every room in order to achieve the specific temperature regardless of the outside weather. The air that circulates needs to be clean because it is filling your entire house/office environment, meaning you and people around you are constantly breading it in.

The professionals in this business are using specialized vacuums, brushes, and blowers in order to clean the whole supply and intake. This type of cleaning should involve cleaning the fans, registers, handler, coils, motors – and it should be done thoroughly. This is necessary because cooling coils, handling units, and dirty heating can be bad for your unit, and its efficiency can be a lot less if the system is not properly maintained.

When is it necessary?

If it is not properly maintained, ductwork will be a pathway and the source of dust and dirt. There is a possibility of contaminants spreading through the entire building. Because of that, there is a need for removing all the debris, slime, mold and dirt from the inside of ductwork. If your supplier is a professional, he will schedule, based on the type of your space, how many times per year do the air ducts need to be cleaned. This depends on climate, filtration, costs, air contaminants, operating schedules, and expectations of occupants in the building.

If you have recently the new system, or you are updating the older one, you should clean it whole right after the work is finished. This can be skipped only if your new equipment was sealed. Problem is that there can be dirt, tools, oil, and much different stuff in your new systems. The important to remember is that you should always clean ductwork if there is/was a growth of slime, something that is restricting airflow, water damage if you can see the dust that is spreading from your air supply, strange odors.


There are a few most important things that you need to have in mind when you are considering the necessity of maintaining your systems:

Healthy living space – when you are regularly hiring professionals to clean your systems, you are reducing the amount of dust so it does not end up not only on your furniture and food but also in your lungs. When maintaining the hygiene in your space, this is the first step.

Irritants and allergens – in dust and air there are micro-organisms and contaminants that can be harmful, and if your systems are not clean, those micro-organisms may have just the right environment to develop and spread.

Odors and smells – tobacco, mold, paint fumes, cleaning agents and pets are contributing to that stale odor that air ducts can have because when you run the air conditioner, all that smells are mixing up in every room and inside your air duct. So cleaning it, you remove all those build up smells in your system.